About Brett 
Brett is having a busy year, with his soccer training, year 11 studies, a new girlfriend, and coping with the fact his brother Mark has bipolar disorder. 
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About Jenna
Jenna dropped out of year 12 last year after her depression got the better of her. She’s getting help and on antidepressant medication but returning to give school another go is still hard sometimes. 
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About Sarah
Sarah lives with her dad who has bipolar disorder and anxiety. She is trying to manage the household and look after her dad, as well as have some kind of social life. 
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About Rani
Rani is in and out of the home she shares with her mother who has schizophrenia and her brother Rob. Her dad is leaving the family and Rani is trying to hold it together.
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Did you know that around one in five people will experience some sort of mental health problem every year? 

Or that smoking pot can cause serious problems for people with a psychotic illness?

Check out our Podcasts and Factsheets for the facts on everything – from antidepressants to eating disorders; from family support to treatment and recovery. 

Or watch this set of short video clips about mental illness and how it can affect people.


Dealing with mental illness in your family can be hard. Here’s how we can help:

  • Read the diaries of four teenagers, based on real stories, as they deal with the challenge of living with mental illness in their families 
  • Watch this set of short clips about mental illness and how they can affect people
  • Read or listen to Factsheets and Podcasts for clear facts and information 
  • Contact our Helpline for advice and access to support


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